Pilot Kombucha was launched in March 2015 with one goal:
bring gut health to the hedonistic food lovers of New York City. 

Today, Pilot Kombucha delivers sips that are as good for the soul as they are for the body. Using a mix of organic and fair trade ingredients and sacrificing a longer shelf-life for more nutritious bacteria, Pilot offers products you can feel good about— and which leave you feeling incredible.



As a former chef and major foodie, our founder Alex knows that you don't want to sacrifice indulgences in order to feel healthy & energized. 

She started brewing kombucha to aid her digestion after hedonistic meals & nights out partying. After converting her staunchly anti-kombucha head chef, she knew she could win over the rest of the city.



We are named for a long history of aviation in Alex’s family —but we are also champions of flight. Pushing the boundaries of preconception. Challenging the norms and allowing change and experience to continuously reinvent the now. 

As brewers of artisan kombucha, we know that those brave enough to push past surface appearances discover incredible, nourishing things. We are obsessed with discovering the best flavors and the most nourishing cultures. We will go to the ends of the earth to find new combinations, new brews, and new processes that better nourish your grind.

 We are proud members of Kombucha Brewer's International.

We are proud members of Kombucha Brewer's International.