The Difference in Craft Kombucha / by Alex Ingalls

You might have seen a post on a little website called Well + Good recently that predicts that craft kombucha will be seeing a swell in 2018 and you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. What is actually the difference between craft anything and the usual product you find on the shelf?

For one, shelf life is shorter (which here means time that alcohol isn't fermenting in those bottles). We're not shipping our product across the country and we kind of want to keep it that way. The bottle of kombucha in your hand is filled with all kinds of beneficial, living microorganisms and in order to extend shelf life, we would have to remove a lot of them! This is also why those bigger guys have a more stable, predictable product. The fewer living yeast and bacteria in the bottle, the more stable it becomes and the longer the shelf life is.

Second, we don't have to appeal to a very broad base. Just you. This means we can be a little more experimental and wild in our flavor combos. Celery Juniper probably isn't a combo for everyone and we're all right with that because we love it and some of you do too!

Third, did we mention it's hyperlocal? Our kombucha travels less than 80 miles in its lifetime, unless you're putting it in your suitcase. That means when you buy our product, you're boosting the local economy, giving a starving artist a side gig, and making one entrepreneur's wildest dream come true.

Fourth, it's really wild! Kombucha is a wild fermentation, meaning the flavor & culture composition is totally dependent on its environment. Some of these environmental factors can be tinkered with endlessly, resulting in brews that are sweeter or more tart, or totally sour. Every wonder why every brand you pick up tastes completely different from one another? That's why!

Before Pilot Kombucha was started one of our favorite things to do was experience cuisine and culture through traveling. Kombucha has offered us a new window into local flavors and we seek out the local brews wherever we go - from Hong Kong to Bangkok to Amsterdam to the Bahamas - kombucha truly is everywhere these days and no two are alike! So taste around and discover for yourself the difference in craft kombucha.